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After years of trying IVF and meeting various social workers, we received a phone call 3 months ago from Adoptions4Ever to say we were going to become parents.

We then had the longest 2 months waiting for our son to be born. He is certainly worth the wait. Our son was born on 29 September 2009 in Tzaneen. Debbie and Beatrice from Adoptions4Ever joined us at the hospital for the momentous occasion. We were all so excited that security asked us to leave the maternity ward and wait in the main reception.

The nurse and staff at Tzaneen Medic Clinic were great and made us feel at home. Within 3 days we were able to take our son home and those 5 hours in the car must have been good for him as he always falls asleep within minutes of the car starting.

We have learned some lessons along the way and suggest that you test the pram to see if it goes in the boot of your car before you buy it as we have 2 prams, one that fits in the boot and one that does not.

We are so blessed to finally have our son, his grandparents already appear 20 years younger but with the sleepless nights, we as parents are feeling 20 years older. We are thankful every day for Adoptions4Ever who helped in making our dreams come true.


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